When I first heard this song in 1988 I was in the U.S. Coast Guard and stationed on large ship called the Rush sailing in the Pacific ocean for 3 months at a time away from my wife. I was miserable, yet this song made life seem wonderful and gave me strength. I am eternally grateful to artists like Colin that write songs that can help us through times like those. I am sure this song has helped many people, but at the time it felt like it was written specifically for me and my situation, for that I thank Colin.

To the gentleman “Mr” that asked about the meaning of this song since your wife wants this song played at her funeral. I hope this is a future request and if not, my condolences. I would guess each of us have our own take on the song that goes beyond the lyrics. To me it’s about appreciating life. In my life the cup isn’t half full, it’s overflowing and for that I am thankful.